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Cleco NeoTek Corded Assembly Tools


Cleco NeoTek: Powerful and Reliable Corded Assembly Tools

Cleco NeoTek Corded Assembly Tools are built to tackle your most demanding high-torque applications. These advanced assembly tools deliver unmatched performance, superior ergonomics, and a lower total cost of ownership, making them a smart investment for any production line.

  • Superior Performance: Experience unmatched power and precision with Cleco's NeoTek Corded Electric Nutrunners, designed to tackle the toughest tightening tasks with ease and efficiency.
  • Advanced Ergonomics: Prioritizing user comfort and efficiency, these tools feature ergonomic designs that reduce operator fatigue and enhance productivity during prolonged use.
  • Cost-Effective Tightening Solutions: NeoTek Corded Assembly Tools offer cost-effective tightening system solutions, providing reliable performance while lowering the total cost of ownership for your assembly operations.
  • Transducerized Technology: Equipped with transducerized technology, these DC electric tools deliver precise torque control and real-time monitoring, ensuring accurate and consistent tightening results.
  • Versatile Applications: From automotive manufacturing to aerospace assembly, Cleco NeoTek Corded Assembly Tools are versatile solutions for a wide range of high-torque applications, delivering reliability and performance where it matters most.

Cleco NeoTek Corded Assembly Tools offer the perfect blend of power, reliability, and user comfort. These advanced assembly tools are the ideal choice for high-volume production lines with demanding fastening requirements.

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