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CS Unitec Lubricating Oils & Cleansers


CS Unitec Lubricating Oils & Cleansers is a powerful solvent and emulsion cleaner for removing all types of mineral greases and oils from metal and other surfaces. CS Unitec cleansers convert the deposits into a modifiable material that can be hosed in oil using water. Lubricating oils are concentrated liquids with high solvent penetration properties. It can be applied by dip tank, brush, or spray. It should be applied neatly to the surface, allowed to penetrate for a short time, and removed by a water jet. Lubricants play a vital role in construction. Since construction operations often move frequently from location to location, machine breakdown can lead to long unplanned downtime and excessive wear down. Choosing the right lubricator is essential in helping to improve reliability, boost productivity, provide optimal protection and reduce the frequency of breakdowns. It’s important to consider what factors will impact whether a cleansing oil will be effective for its intended purpose. CS Unitec Lubricating Oils are one of the most effective and reliable cleansing oils and lubricants which will improve the reliability and efficiency of your equipment.

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