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Type R Class 2 Vests

Type R Class 2 Vests are designed with safety and visibility in mind, tailored for professionals who work in environments where being seen is crucial. these vests are perfect for a variety of jobs, from construction sites to roadside assistance and everything in between. Made from durable polyester mesh, these vests come in bright neon colors like yellow and orange. This makes you highly visible in the dark or low-light conditions.  

  • Easy Care: Machine washable for lasting effectiveness
  • Safety First: Reduces the risk of accidents by ensuring high visibility
  • Lightweight & Breathable: Stay cool and comfortable on long shifts
  • All-Day Comfort: Lightweight, breathable material for extended wear
  • Bright Colors: Neon yellow or orange polyester mesh for maximum visibility
  • Practical and Handy: Multiple pockets and easy closure system for convenience

Whether you’re on a construction site, directing traffic, or working at an event, these vests help you stay visible and safe. Choose Type R Class 2 Vests for your safety needs and work with confidence.

For help choosing the correct Type R Class 2 Vest, please call (800) 608-5210 or email