The precise tolerances of aerospace work call for a unique set of pneumatic tools.

Pneumatic Drills 

For drilling holes where there is plenty of room to work, we offer a wide selection of Desoutter Pistol Grip Drills in various chuck sizes, RPM's, and Horse Powers. Desoutter is known industry wide for high quality tools that produce highly concentric holes. For drilling work in confined spaces, check out our selection of Dotco Right Angle Drills with their internally threaded 1/4"-28 female heads designed to accept threaded male drill bits. Dotco has been producing high quality American made tools for decades.

Pneumatic Rivet Guns

For your air hammer and rivet gun needs we have teamed with Ingersoll Rand and Desoutter to bring you a variety of accurate and easily controllable riveters. Our pistol grip style rivet guns are equipped with .401 or .498 shanks and can handle rivets ranging from 1/8" to 5/16" depending on the type of material.

Air Nutrunners

When fastening critical aircraft joints within specified torque ranges,  look no further than Cleco Right Angle Nutrunners and Cleco Pulse Tools. For less critical fasteners choose a stall type tool. For more critical joints, a torque controlled clutch is desired. If your fastening job requires high amounts of torque in a production environment then a pulse tool is in order.