ARO 2 Piece Combination Unit FRL's


ARO 2 piece Filter Regulator Lubricators (FRL's) are comprised of a piggybacked filter and regulator connected to a separate inline oiler to create a compact two piece unit that offers complete air treatment. The advantage of the 2 piece unit over the traditional 3 piece is the smaller footprint occupied. The disadvantage is that by combining the filter and regulator in one unit, overall CFM (air flow) is restricted slightly. All ARO FRL's are offered with either poly-carbonate or metal bowls as well as manual or auto-draining condensation relief valves.

  • Industry leading air flow rates
  • Low leak rates
  • 100% modular design
  • Full line of accessories
  • Locking bowls for added safety
  • Easy to read, flush mount gauge with settable fan feature
  • 5 micron standard filter
  • 2 year warranty
Materials of Construction
  • Polycarbonate Bowl: Polycarbonate
  • Polycarbonate Bowl Guard: Nylon
  • Metal Bowl: Aluminum
  • Metal Bowl Sight Glass: Nylon
  • Filter Body: Aluminum
  • Manual Drain: Steel & Nitrile
  • Auto Drain: Acetal
  • Standard Filter: Polyethylene
  • Coalescing Filter: HEPA Paper & Felt
  • Seals: Nitrile
  • Filter Baffle: Acetal
  • Diaphragm: Nitrile & Acetal
  • Regulator Body: Aluminum
  • Regulator Valve: Brass & Nitrile
  • Regulator Spring: Steel
  • Gauge Cover: Nylon & Polycarbonate
  • Regulator Knob: Acetal
  • O-Ring Seals: Nitrile

For help selecting which ARO Filter Regulator Lubricator (FRL) is best for your compressed air treatment needs, please call (800) 608-5210 and speak with our tech support department.

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