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Ingersoll Rand Self-Feed Drills


Ingersoll Rand Self-Feed Drills provide versatile and economical customized solution for dedicated drilling with more precision in less time. These pneumatic Self-Feed Drills are known for their reliability and minimum tool repair downtime. The Ingersoll Rand self-feed Air drills give selection and performance liberty, and a superior extent of accuracy to automate a vast array of secondary machining applications easily and energy-efficiently. They utilize compressed air for the spindle rotation and feed/control function. The reliable rotary vane air motor offers high power-to-size performance, minimizing tool size and weight for added machine design flexibility. Double-acting air piston offers smooth, control forward and retract strokes. Needle valve controls allow adjustment of forwarding and retracting strokes and the adjustment screw provides infinite stroke length settings. Ball-bearing spindle support offers precision and long service life, and the damped exhaust allows a quieter work environment. These tools are easy to install, requiring only simple pneumatic circuitry. There are also a couple of categories of Ingersoll Rand Self-Feed Drills as Ingersoll Rand Bant-a-Matic Drills, Ingersoll Rand Super Par-a-Matic Drills, Ingersoll Rand High-Thrust 8670 Drills, and Ingersoll Rand Par-a-Matic Drills. They may also be used individually or in confluence with other Ingersoll Rand electric and pneumatic tools. Some of the applications of these drills are panel/frame holes, shipping bases, rivet holes, wing frame mounting holes, dowel holes for chair seats, frames, or backs in furniture, windows/doors/cabinets: hinge, pilot, or dowel holes, sheet metal, cast component, and other metal fabrication uses, ATVs, snowmobiles, trailers, engine mounts or hinges.

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