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CS Unitec Construction Tools


CS Unitec Construction Tools and Equipments consist of premium quality, robust materials and powertrain components to enhance the roughening of concrete surfaces encountered in multiple industries. CS Unitec offers the best construction tools with advanced performance and minimal vibration allowing improvement in productivity and operator comfort. The extensive range of construction tools available includes the basic construction tools, construction hand tools, construction worker tools, construction measuring tools, and construction power tools such as concrete scabblers and construction tampers etc. From the earlier uses of timber, antler, stone, bone and many such materials for cutting, scraping, chopping, hammering, to the development of modern power tools, we have come a long way. Electric tools as well as pneumatic tools enabled construction activities to be carried out more efficiently and accurately and with fewer man power. Not only are CS Unitec construction tools and equipment robust, lightweight and compact, but they also ensure a long-lasting and quantifiable work.

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