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CS Unitec Electric Magnetic Drills


CS Unitec Electric Magnetic Drills are one of the most flexible, powerful, portable and dependable drills in the market. They are generally used for drilling, tapping/thread cutting, twist drilling, reaming and countersinking structural steel, iron, titanium, Inconel, and other main metals. Electric Magnetic Drills are designed for continuous use and can drill holes with various diameters. CS Unitec Magnetic Drill Machines are designed for thorough duty applications, with great durability and performance. They are ideal for heavy-duty construction and industrial applications. The drills are also used in applications ranging from manufactured housing and woodworking to light assembly. Thanks to their high power and exclusive ergonomic features, these tools take your productivity to the peak, regardless of how challenging the conditions are. CS Unitec Electric Magnetic Base Drills are compact and lightweight, manufactured using quality assured material and advanced techniques, which make them competent in the highly demanding field. CS Unitec Electric Magnetic Drill Machines are extensively recognized for their superior value and delivering an exceptional quality.

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