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Cleco CellCore Protective Tool Covers


Cleco CellCore Protective Tool Covers are engineered to safeguard your connectivity infrastructure with unparalleled precision. Designed with the same commitment to excellence that defines Cleco's reputation, these covers provide a vital layer of protection for your cables, connectors, and sensitive equipment. Cleco CellCore Protective Tool Covers offer robust defense against environmental hazards, physical damage, and electromagnetic interference. Cleco CellCore Protective Tool Covers are easy to install and maintain, allowing you to protect your investment without sacrificing efficiency. Trust Cleco to shield your connectivity assets with precision and reliability, ensuring uninterrupted performance in even the most demanding applications.

  • Cleco CellCore Protective Tool Covers: Shield your investment
  • 2 Options: Pistol Grip or Right Angle
  • Clear, Durable PVC: Protects from dirt, debris, minor impacts
  • Extends Tool Life: Prevents scratches, accidental button presses
  • Safety Focus: Minimizes potential malfunctions, injuries
  • Easy Cleaning: Simple maintenance for long-lasting protection

Whether you're operating in industrial environments, telecommunications facilities, or data centers, celco covers ensure the longevity and reliability of your connectivity infrastructure. Cleco CellCore Protective Tool Covers, you can optimize your workflow, extend tool life, and ensure you have everything you need to tackle any project efficiently.

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