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CS Unitec Concrete Tampers


CS Unitec Concrete Power Tampers are perfect for use in tight and narrow spaces making it easy for backfilling against walls, mains, piping, utility poles, signs, fence posts, and more. CS Unitec Pole Tampers also provide aggressive concrete keying without damaging the substrate. These Concrete Tampers utilize vibration damping components to offset the hammer vibration created when the tamper head impacts the workpiece. Tamping bars for concrete are also used for compacting concrete into cube molds. The concrete hand tamper is ideal for foundations and flooring where surfaces need to be smooth and equally level. The concrete stamp rubber tamper is used to imprint the stamp to the concrete floor, to give equal force of pounding over the surface to stamp. Pneumatic power makes it an excellent choice for water, electric, gas and utility companies. These lightweight Concrete Tampers offer a high performance rate and low vibration for greater productivity and improved operator comfort. CS Unitec power tools including tamper bars are composed of high-quality, sturdy materials and powertrain components to improve the hardening of concrete surfaces encountered in numerous industries.

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