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Self-Feed Drills

Ingersoll Rand has vast experience in developing and engineering the broadest selection of fixtured drilling products available. Ingersoll Rand's line of auto feed drills are engineered for tight tolerance drilling and built from the highest quality materials on the market. The end goal is to provide engineering professionals with top quality fixtured drills that offer an extended service life in production environments.

The entire range of Ingersoll Rand self feed drills is comprised of: quality air motors, machined spindles, cast clamps, and top notch automation components. This best of class Ingersoll Rand quality is backed by a professional engineering and product support staff who can help customize the tools to suit the requirements of the application at hand.

Company Service Centres owned by Ingersoll Rand are strategically located around the globe. Highly trained repair technicians who use genuine tools parts from Ingersoll and are operational with the latest tests, calibration and inspection equipment.

The rugged construction of Ingersoll Rand fixtured drills allows them to withstand heavy tasks while offering more versatility. Bant-A-Matic, Par-A-Matic, and Super Par-A-Matic Drills offer users the selection, performance, and level of precision to automate an extensive range of secondary fixtured-drills-ir.pngmachining applications efficiently and cost-effectively. Ingersoll Rand's Series 34, 54 and 74 models are incredibly flexible and exceptionally versatile, delivering simple design innovations that dominate the market.

They utilize compressed air for both the spindle rotation and feed/ control functions. The reliable rotary vane air motor offers high power-to-size performance which minimizes tool size and weight for added machine design flexibility. The tools are easily installed, requiring only simple pneumatic circuitry. They can be used individually or in conjunction with other ARO electric and pneumatic tools.

Ingersoll Rand is attentive to the design of their fixtured drills to ensure comfort and improved working conditions for the operator; they also have the most knowledgeable experts on fixtured drill systems in the market, with countless successful drilling applications under their belts.

For help choosing the correct Fixtured Drill for your application, please call (800) 608-5210 or email