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Ingersoll Rand Torque Arms and Accessories


Experience the difference Ingersoll Rand Torque Arms can make in your operation... Regardless of your industry, there is a a lot riding on the quality of your assemblies. Families are are counting on you to get the work done safely and  Ingersoll Rand is committed to providing the best built, most reliable torque arms on the market. For decades Ingersoll Rand has delivered proven engineering expertise to manufacturers across the globe. With over a century of experience studying the interface between tool and operator, Ingersoll Rand understands that proper ergonomics can have a dramatic impact on the quality of your final products.

Assembly tools typically produce an undesirable torque reaction that is transferred to the operator’s hand. Over time, this can cause or aggravate repetitive stress injuries ranging from the fingers all the way to the neck; resulting in reduced productivity, decreased morale and increased absenteeism. To help mitigate undesirable reaction forces, Ingersoll Rand offers an impressive line of ergonomic torque reaction arms that help operators work safely and comfortably, while maximizing efficiency. In turn, your organization will reap the rewards of enhanced quality and lessened downtime. Whether you’re assembling vehicles, appliances, or anything in between, Ingersoll Rand Torque Arms set the standard for ergonomics, ease of use, and durability.