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Sioux Routers


Sioux Routers and laminate trimmers are well known for their premium quality, high performance, low maintenance, robust design, and longer shelf life. International Air Tool Company offers an extensive selection of Sioux routers and laminate trimmers in required power formats, such as electric, pneumatic or air powered. These industrial-grade tools feature lock-off safety levers, twist or finger throttles, and come with many choices of different mounting bases. Sioux pneumatic routers and laminate trimmers are durable and reliable and truly highlight operator comfort and productivity. These routers feature a heavy-duty three-piece dual tapered collet and powerful motor that offers both speed and precision with an unrestrained required velocity. Routers' variable speed feature makes it suitable to use in all speed ranges and types of the bit. Sioux Routers have a comfortable grip for an enduring and satisfying experience for all routing requirements. Sioux Routers are manufactured with an ergonomic feature that makes it easy to operate and control the device. We also provide a wide selection of authentic Sioux accessories. From Router Base Assemblies to Laminate Base Trimmers we got you covered. The laminate trimmers are a smaller and lighter version of the router, and although it is built for trimming laminates, they are also used for minor all-around routing work. These Sioux Routers are available in multiple categories such as 3-inch Base Routers, Laminated Trimmers Routers, and Template Nose Routers that feature lock-off lever throttle, front exhaust, interchangeable base, and built-in speed control. Some other categories are Twist Throttle Routers, Finger Throttle Routers, and Sioux Routers Accessories. The Sioux routers are designed to cater to a wide range of routing applications such as woodworking, fiberglass, plastic, and boat manufacturing tasks. With the help of a multitude of jigs and various bits, they can deliver remarkable trimming, cutting, and drilling results. International Air Tools Company supplies a vast collection of compact, comfortable, and lightweight Sioux routers, that can resist the most rugged conditions.

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