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Ingersoll Rand QTA Series Torque Arms

 Ingersoll Rand Torque Arms are designed to absorb the torque reaction associated with assembling fasteners using clutch or stall type power tools. Torque arms suspend and position assembly tools in ergonomic fashion in order to reduce the likelihood of operator injury associated with repetitive movements. These high quality, production grade torque arms feature an integrated Ingersoll Rand Spring Balancer which acts as a counterweight to the perpendicular arm as well as the assembly tool itself. The tension of the built in spring balancer may be adjusted to achieve a "weightless," floating effect which allows operators to effortlessly perform assembly operations without having to bear the weight of the tool throughout their shift. The three way perpendicular arm slides up and down on the vertical arm and articulates side to side so the operator can easily reach the work piece. When the run down is complete, the arm retracts and is effortlessly moved aside to allow for the uninhibited positioning of the next work piece. The vertical arm and its base plate are easily bolted to existing work stations using common nuts and bolts.

You should select your torque reaction arm based on the following criteria:

  1. The amount of torque applied to the fastener should not exceed the absorption capacity of the arm
  2. The location of the work piece must not exceed the reach of the perpendicular arm
  3. The weight of the tool suspended from the perpendicular arm must not exceed the capacity of the integrated spring balancer

Looking for more information about the specific parts in an Ingersoll Rand QTA Series Torque Arm? 

industrial-tools-parts-breakdown.png Please see the attached parts breakdown PDF for the QTA Series Torque Reaction Arms from Ingersoll Rand.

There are a variety of accessories and tool holders offered for our torque arms. We are here to help. For assistance configuring the correct Ingersoll Rand Torque Reaction Arm to your assembly operation, please call (800) 608-5210 and ask to speak with tech services.