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CS Unitec Nutrunner Accessories


CS Unitec offers a wide range of Nutrunner Accessories designed to enhance the functionality and versatility of their nutrunner power tools. These accessories are specifically engineered to complement CS Unitec nutrunners, providing users with added convenience, improved performance, and expanded capabilities for various fastening applications. One essential accessory for CS Unitec nutrunners is the selection of interchangeable sockets or adapters. These accessories allow users to quickly and easily change the size or type of fastener they can work with. The sockets are available in different standard sizes and configurations to accommodate various nut and bolt dimensions, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of fastening requirements. Extension bars are another commonly used accessory. These extensions attach to the nutrunner, effectively increasing the reach and accessibility in hard-to-reach areas. Extension bars are particularly useful when working on large machinery, deep-set assemblies, or applications where the nut or bolt is recessed. CS Unitec also offers torque reaction arms as accessories for their nutrunners. Another accessory category includes reaction pads and fixtures. These accessories are designed to provide a stable and secure contact point for the nutrunner during fastening operations. Reaction pads are often used in situations where direct contact with the work surface is not ideal or could potentially damage the material being fastened. These accessories ensure proper alignment and distribution of forces during tightening or loosening procedures. CS Unitec also offers various accessories for specific applications or industries. For example, there are accessories tailored for automotive applications, such as specialized sockets for lug nuts or wheel bolts. There are also accessories designed for aerospace fastening, including nose extensions and specialized fixtures for aircraft assembly. Additionally, CS Unitec provides accessory kits and storage solutions to help users organize and store their nutrunner accessories conveniently. These kits typically include a selection of sockets, adapters, extension bars, and other commonly used accessories, allowing users to have everything they need in one comprehensive package.

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