Cordless Tools


Commercial Grade Cordless Power Tools offer working freedom from electrical cords and air hoses. However, most can’t deliver the amount of power required to get industrial duty jobs done fast. The Ingersoll Rand IQV Series of 12 and 20-volt cordless tools is different: each tool is designed, built, and tested to stand up to the rigorous demands of manufacturing and automotive professionals. With either 12 or 20 volts of hard-hitting, long-lasting power, Ingersoll Rand Cordless Tools deliver uncompromising abilities to Do the Job, Do it Fast, and Do it right, Every Time.

  • Performance: With either 12 or 20 volts of lithium-ion power, Ingersoll Rand IQV Series tools offer torque and speed advantages comparable to premium grade air tools.
  • Versatility: No cords or air hoses means go-anywhere versatility — even in restricted space work areas
  • Durability: Strength in every detail, including robust, metal-reinforced composite housings that offer protection against breakage and corrosive chemicals

Ingersoll Rand offers a wide selection of Cordless Power Tools for professionals. For help selecting the right tool for your application call (800) 608-5210 and ask to speak to technical support.