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Sioux Tools Needle and Chisel Scalers


Sioux Tools Needle Scalers are designed for high volume industrial production. Sioux Chisel Scalers feature an adjustable bayonet type housing lock that allows adjustment without special tools. Air Scaler is precision heat treated for maximum performance. These lever-operated pneumatic needle scalers are not only fast but extremely durable and efficient. Sioux Needle Scalers feature a rubber faced throttle valve to ensure positive sealing of internal components along with a strengthened head block that will hold up in tough conditions. Sioux Tools Air Needle Scaler is compact, well balanced and their low vibration feature maximizes accessibility while minimizing operator fatigue. Their design is compact, powerful, and easy to maintain. Their ergonomically designed tools help operator feel at ease during longer working hours that results in reduced fatigue throughout the day. These tools meet the required industrial regulatory standards.

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