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Ingersoll Rand Self-Feed Offset Drills


Ingersoll Rand Self-Feed Offset Drills are designed to adapt an unusual part or fixture arrangement. They are grouped in a fixture to produce holes with a centerline of less distance. Offset drills are easily installable and require only simple pneumatic circuitry. These drills may also be used individually or in confluence with other Ingersoll Rand electric and pneumatic tools. Ingersoll Rand Self-Feed Offset Drills are developed with a built-in four-way valve that allows manual and remote operations. These drills can even be remotely operated for continuous operations with consistency. Automated controls can be added so that operators can start, retract, stop, and cycle the unit using a series of valves that can be located within the units or external to the unit. The double-acting air piston provides smooth, controlled forward and retractable strokes. With infinite stroke adustable length and an extensive selection of mounting brackets to meet your installation requirements. The feed rate adjustment screws for the forward and retract strokes allow optimum hole quality and cycle time. Equipped with a damped exhaust allows for a quieter work experience. Ingersoll Rand Self-Feed Offset Drills are extensively recognized for its superior value and delivering exceptional results. These tools meet the required industrial regulatory standards.

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