General Manufacturing

General Manufacturing

Inline ScrewdriversEach production line requires its own unique set of pneumatic tools. Using the right tool for the right job leads to higher productivity.

Supporting the Cleco pneumatic screwdriver line, International Air Tool & Supply Company can provide you with the ideal tool. The ergonomically designed Cleco 19 series screwdrivers are perfect for light assembly with a 1.7 to 130 in lbs. torque range. Theese are also the ultimate tools for appliance assembly.

Cleco pulse tools have been designed to withstand the demanding requirements of today’s modern, high repetition assembly lines. The Cleco H-Series has an extremely long operating life before hydraulic fluid changes.  Pulse ToolsAll H-Series tools have minimal vibration and noise levels along with low air consumption. Add light weight to the mix, and the Cleco H-Series Pulse Tools are ideal for any assembly line where proper ergonomics are highly desired.

For help selecting the proper pulse tool for your assembly environment, please Contact Us or call (800) 608-5210.