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Annular Cutters & Carbide-Tipped Hole Saws


Annular Cutters and Carbide-Tipped Hole Saws from CS Unitec are the perfect solution for drilling clean, precise holes in metal. They can drill holes three times faster than twist drills, saving your time and money. CS Unitec offers a wide variety of sizes to meet your needs, and their cutters are compatible with most drill and magnetic drill models.

  • Clean Cuts: Get clean, precise holes with every cut
  • Variety of Sizes: Find the perfect size cutter for your needs
  • Faster Drilling: Cut through metal three times faster than twist drills
  • Faster Cuts: These drill bits can cut holes up to 8 times faster than regular twist drills
  • Compatible with Most Drills: Use CS Unitec cutters with your existing drill or magnetic drill
  • Cleaner Holes: They leave a smooth, burr-free hole finish, which saves you time cleaning up afterwards
  • Last Longer: They can last up to 4 times longer than regular drill bits, saving you money on replacements
  • Metal Chewing Power: They can drill through tough materials like steel, stainless steel, and other hard metals

CS Unitec offers different types of Annular Cutters and Hole Saws to suit your needs, including:

  • High-Speed Steel: A good choice for general purpose metal cutting
  • Tungsten Carbide-Tipped: The toughest option, designed for the hardest metals

If you're looking for a fast, easy, and reliable way to drill holes in metal, CS Unitec Annular Cutters and Carbide-Tipped Hole Saws are the perfect solution.

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