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Sioux Riveting Tools


Sioux Riveters produce a squeezing motion that propels the rivet by "flowing" the riveted metal with a compressed force that allows easy control, exceptional accuracy, and uniformity. The squeezing action multiplies the initial force to intense ratios by coupling an air cylinder and piston to a wedge or cam. In this mechanism, high compressive forces are obtained by applying a relatively compact unit having small diameter cylinders and using very little compressed air. The advantage of squeeze riveting is simple sounds of air exhaust and a forward piston action that generates immense pressures exerted at the work point. They develop full squeezing force required pressure, and supplies the compression force attained from the tool. Sioux pneumatic Riveters are use to create high-strength joints in a variety of materials such as metals, polymers, wood, and leather. Applying pressure constantly to the tool improves the completed product's aesthetic and increases structural efficiency leaving a clean and solid appearance. International Air Tools Company offers an extensive selection of Sioux tools in required power formats, such as electric, pneumatic or air powered. Sioux Riveters are available in multiple categories such as Sioux Cylinder Compression Riveters, Sioux Pistol Grip Rivet Shavers, and Alligator Squeezer Compression Riveters. The silent alligator-type rivet squeezers are excellent for many assembly operations. While the Sioux Rivet Shavers are perfect for shaving rivets flush with the surface of the sheet metal part to help eliminate the defect in aerodynamics caused by raised rivets. Rivet Shavers feature a non-adjustable and variable speed trigger. They are operated and powered by hand, resulting in a one-man operation that boosts productivity. International Air Tool Company offers an extensive display innovative Sioux power tools that offer productivity enhanced features, value, and accuracy.

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