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ARO Specialty Application Pumps


ARO Specialty Pumps utilize the same technology as traditional ARO pumps, but are retrofitted for specific applications. These Specialty models provide the same high level of performance and flow rates, but are custom tailored to specific applications. Note, all ARO pumps are available with convoluted diaphragms offering long product life and reduced maintenance.

The Ingersoll Rand ARO line of Specialty Application Pumps includes the following:

  • Powder Transfer Pumps - Power pumps are designed to transfer and handle your dry process powders faster, cleaner, and at a fraction of the cost of other systems.
  • Drum Pump Packages - Drum pumps offer plenty of capacity, stall-free operation, and leak-tight integrity.
  • Pit Boss Pumps - Dewatering and solids-handling pumps combine patented technologies and expertly engineered designs to make Pit Boss the first choice in general industry, mining, and construction around the world.
  • ARO FDA Stainless Steel Diaphragm Pumps - For safety, quality, and an industry-leading total cost of ownership, rely on our FDA compliant food-grade diaphragm pumps.
  • Centrifugal Dewatering Pumps - Lightweight, portable, and extremely durable, centrifugal dewatering pumps are made to handle a variety of applications.
  • 2:1 Ratio High Pressure Pumps - ARO 2:1 high-pressure pumps are built to handle twice the pressures of standard pumps at about half the flow rate. Their intelligent design and structural integrity mean they're built for durability.
  • 3:1 Ratio High Pressure Pumps - ARO 3:1 pumps can deliver up to 300 psi at about half the flow rate of standard pumps. They're stall-free, and maintenance is a breeze.
  • Ported Sanitary Transfer Pumps - These pumps are made of materials accepted by the FDA and designed for applications such as food processing, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, among others.
  • Fuel Transfer Pumps - ARO fuel transfer pumps meet the UL 79 specification and can be safely used as high-volume diesel fuel transfer pumps. They can also be used to transfer gasoline, aviation fuel, fuel oil, and kerosene.
  • Ported Conductive Pumps - Ported Conductive Pumps are reliable, versatile, and environmentally sound. Often used for transfer, filling, and recirculation, they're compatible with a variety of fluids.
  • Flap Valve Pumps - ARO patented unbalanced air valve ensures reliable, no-stall operation.
  • PW Series Pumps - The PW Series pumps feature simplified plumbing, stall-free, ice-free motors, and the structural integrity you expect from ARO pumps.
  • 650715-C AntiFreeze/Water Blending Pump - Simultaneously blend and pump antifreeze and water with this one-inch, 1:1 ratio diaphragm pump.

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