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Lenox Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades

International Air Tool & Industrial Supply Company provides a wide selection of quality band saw blades for all your needs. Band Saw Blades have a vari-tooth design, a positive rake angle, and a variable pitch and raker set for smooth, straight high-production cuts on carbon steel, alloy steel, mold steel, stainless steel, structural steel, tool steel, and aluminum and other nonferrous metals. The well researched and developed functions and features for these tools when used with these blades add value to the overall experience and quality of tasks at hand and achieve a high level of smoothness on all types of materials while being pleasant to use in the most demanding and hazardous conditions. Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades Lenox are long, continuous bands of metal that loop around the wheels of band saws and can make straight or curved cuts in metal, wood, stone, plastic, and other materials. When purchasing band saw blades, consider the application, as this will affect the tooth rake, tooth set, pitch, and size of the blade. Band saw blades are available with a positive rake angle or a straight (also called zero) rake angle, and with a raker, wavy, or alternate tooth set. Pitch (the number of teeth per inch or per 25.4 mm) affects the type of finish and may be constant or variable. Their powerful design are easy to maintain. These band saws are ideal for heavy industry and construction applications. These tools meet the required industrial regulatory standards.

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