Saw Blades

International Air Tool & Industrial Supply Company provides a wide selection of saw blades for all your needs. Circular saw blades are used in a variety of saws, including circular saws, miter and chop saws, table saws, and concrete and masonry saws. Diamond saw blades sever concrete, tile, and fragile metal. Straight power hacksaw blades that cut in a back-and-forth motion. Reciprocating saw blades create straight and square cuts by moving back and forth. Saw blades with toothed or abrasive edges are used to cut certain materials such as wood, metal, and masonry in a number of applications such as woodworking, building, and metal manufacturing. Saw blades are replaced as they get worn or damaged, and they are selected based on the material being cut. Band saw blades are flexible loops that can cut straight or curved lines.

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