Impact Wrenches


Air powered Impact wrenches, also referred to as impact guns, impactools, or simply air impacts, are specialty fastening tools designed to deliver high amounts of torque to a nut or bolt. By utilizing an anvil and hammer style mechanism, impact wrenches require only minimal effort from the user. A few top manufacturers of impact wrenches include Ingersoll RandSioux ToolsChicago Pneumatic, and Cleco. These companies are esteemed for designing pneumatic and cordless impact wrenches that are reliable, durable, and capable of delivering incredible power. Proprietary hardening and treatment processes, innovative ergonomic designs, and excellence in manufacturing all add up to the longest lasting, hardest hitting impact wrenches in the business. We stock the most common size impact wrenches in our local inventory here in San Diego, California which means fast shipping to you. We back up our tools with outstanding technical assistance and responsive customer support.

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