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CS Unitec Concrete Scabblers


The CS Unitec Concrete scabblers are the go-to concrete scabbling machines for roughening and fixing concrete in small spaces such as concrete joints. Traditionally, scabbling for concrete was achieved through the use of hammers and axes. However, today’s version is very different, with advances in technology offering faster, safer and more efficient methods. This has resulted in three distinct types of scabbler tool equipment; handheld scabblers, pneumatic pole scabblers and floor scabbling machines. A pneumatic pole scabbler is designed for deep concrete keying and back-fill tamping with low vibration allowing a comfortable use. They are perfect for use around foundations and utility poles. Equipped with interchangeable scabbling heads and tamper feet can be supplied to suit most applications. These concrete scabbling tools are designed to roughen concrete surfaces more effectively than a grinder or scarifier. They use compressed air to hammer piston-mounted tungsten carbide bits into the concrete surface, up to 1,200 hits per minute. Available in single or triple versions, concrete air scabblers use the appropriate technology to achieve various finishes such as troweled, broom, swirled, aggregate, etc. and create a beautiful and long-lasting concrete surface with a high aesthetic value.

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