Cleco Shut Off Pulse Tools

Cleco Hydraulic-Pulse Shut Off Nut Runners and are offered in pistol grip or inline orientations. The tools are divided into two series, these being the "H Series" and the "C Series."

Cleco pulse tools are offered in 1/4" square drive, 1/4" quick change (for use with power bits), 3/8" square drive, 7/16" square drive, 1/2" square drive, and 3/4" square drive. Pistol grip tools are activated with a trigger style mechanism while inline tools utilize a lever. Torque output ranges from 3 Ft. Lbs. (4 Nm) to 295 Ft. Lbs. (400 Nm.) and RPM's from 2200 to 5000 RPM depending on the model.

For help choosing the correct Cleco Shut Off Pulse Tool for your assembly application, call (800) 608-5210 or email