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IQV20 1/2" Cordless Impact Wrench Kits


The Ingersoll IQV20 1/2" Cordless Impact Wrench Kits are professional-grade tools designed to deliver exceptional power and performance for a wide range of automotive and industrial applications. These kits provide all the necessary components to tackle tough tasks with ease and efficiency. At the core of the kit is the 1/2" cordless impact wrench, a robust tool that delivers high torque output for fast and efficient tightening and loosening of nuts, bolts, and other fasteners. Powered by a reliable 20V lithium-ion battery, the impact wrench provides cordless convenience without sacrificing power or performance. The Ingersoll IQV20 1/2" Cordless Impact Wrench features a durable and ergonomic design, making it comfortable to handle and operate for extended periods. The lightweight construction reduces user fatigue, while the well-balanced grip allows for precise control and maneuverability. These impact wrench kits include a range of essential accessories and attachments, such as impact sockets in various sizes, to ensure compatibility with different fasteners. The kits also often include a durable carrying case or bag for convenient storage and transportation of the tools. Equipped with advanced features, these impact wrench kits offer enhanced usability and convenience. Some models feature variable speed settings, allowing you to adjust the tool's performance to suit the specific application. Additionally, they may incorporate an integrated LED work light, illuminating the work area for improved visibility in dimly lit environments. Whether you're working on tire changes, equipment maintenance, construction projects, or heavy-duty repairs, this impact wrench provides the power and performance required to get the job done efficiently and effectively. The cordless design of the Ingersoll IQV20 impact wrench kits offers exceptional portability and flexibility, allowing you to work in various locations without being tethered to power outlets.

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General Automotive Repair

Collision Repair

Heavy Equipment Repair

Facilities Maintenance

Light Assembly

General Industrial

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