Cleco Pulse Tools


Cleco Pulse Tools offer unbeatable performance and durability in a low maintenance design. With unmatched repeatability and Cleco's legendary reliability, you'll be able to complete every joint quickly and accurately. With a selection of tools encompassing torque ranges from 3 to 295 Ft Lbs, you'll be sure to find the right pulse tool for your critical assembly application.

Features and Benefits:

  • Large Selection - Cleco pulse tools are offered in many configurations. There are close to 50 models available, all designed to suit your specific assembly needs.
  • High Precision - Cleco shut off pulse tools mimic electric shut off tools coming within a +/ 10% Six Sigma tolerance
  • Efficient 3 Chamber Air Motor -  Regulates RPM's, reduces tightening times, maximizes blade life, decreases vibration, and reduces air consumption. 
  • Reduced Tool Maintenenance - Patented dual chamber pulse unit features an integrated automatic oil reserve which runs up to 500,000 cyles without the need for service. 
  • Low Noise Levels - Exceeds standards for air tool noise output. Unlike an impact wrench Cleco pulse tools don't produce any loud metallic hammering noise. 
  • Error Proofing Ready - Cleco pulse tools are easily integrated with torque verifier systems to ensure the highest level of quality control. Cleco pulse tools put of a pneumatic signal whch is converted and to an electric signal and subsequently analyzed by the torque verifier. The verifier then displays a go or no go symbol on its screen and emits an audible sound. Call for details (800) 608-5210.
  • Built In Air Regulator - Motor speed is easily adjusted at the air inlet of the tool which insures accuracy on hard joints. Additionally, the regulator can be locked into place to prevent unwanted operator tampering.
  • Easy Torque Adjustment - Torque is adjusted by tightening or loosening a hex screw located at the rear port of the tool. Limiting stops are utilized to prevent over torquing of the adjustment screw.