A miner’s tool needs to be as durable and safe as it is powerful.

Chipping HammerInternational Air Tool & Industrial Supply Company focuses on heavy duty pneumatic air powered tools in order to create a one stop shop solution for all your mining and construction applications. We can assist your organization to boost productivity and safety by providing you with the finest pavement breakers, rock drills, diggers, and chipping hammers available from Ingersoll Rand.

Our chipping hammers are designed with the highest of standards in mind and are available in a variety of sizes & capacities. Precision matched steels, bits, and accessories allow you to match the best tools to the job.

Large DrillOur backfill tampers & sand rammers are built to withstand heavy use in tough environments and include effective seal designs that keep internal components free from dirt and grit.

Unlike electric drills, large air drills (22 series, 33 series, and 44 series) can be overloaded or even stalled without damage to the tool. They are also lighter, smaller, and deliver more power - with no brushes or switches to be maintained.

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