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Introducing Cleco Industrial Air Impact Wrenches | Tough Tools. Easy Choice.

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Trust Cleco air-powered impact wrenches for your toughest jobs

Whether you’re putting together a cargo ship, employed on an aviation project, working on an assembly line or automobile, Cleco’s new line of air-powered impact wrenches will deliver the performance you’re looking for. Unlike competitors such as Chicago Pneumatic (Japan) or Ingersoll Rand (China), Cleco® is a long-standing premium brand, made in America. Its expertise the result of over a century of designing, testing and manufacturing tools for a wide range of applications. The Cleco line of tough tools have long been the easy choice for increasing productivity while enhancing the users’ experience with simplicity of set-up, ease of use, as well as comfort and safety.

At International Air Tool and Industrial Supply Company, we know what important characteristics demanding technicians look for in an impact wrench: ratchet design and the maximum torque of the motor. Each of Cleco’s new line of pneumatic impact wrenches are built to deliver more controllable torque than ever before. Each model is also designed to maximize operator comfort and efficiency, increasing productivity and lessening fatigue.

The new Cleco line of impact wrenches are perfect for:

  • Lug (wheel) nuts
  • Driveshaft (CV) nuts
  • Subframe bolts
  • U-bolts/Pinch bolts
  • Construction fixings
  • Large fixings
  • Over-torqued fixings
  • The CWC Premium Composite Series offers users preferred features like quiet operation and lightweight design. Its one-hand push button forward and reverse action helps to maximize productivity. The CWC offers the ultimate balance of performance, ergonomics and durability. https://www.intlairtool.com/impact-wrenches/cleco...

    The CWM, the “tough boy,” or Premium Metal of the new series, is the most powerful and rugged of the three. Engineered for heavy duty applications such as maritime vessels or under the wings of aviation projects, the CWM impact wrench combines a hard-hitting twin hammer mechanism and an armored metal body that can withstand years of rugged use and abuse. Easy to operate with work gloves on, the CWM also has a soft-touch grip that protects against slip, temperature and vibration. The impacting mechanism ensures trouble-free high performance in even the most challenging work environments. https://www.intlairtool.com/impact-wrenches/cleco...

    High torque at an unbeatable value, the CV Series is lightweight, balanced and comfortable, an ideal tool for general industrial production. The CV is practical and rugged for quick repair jobs and maintenance work. It offers Cleco performance at a great value. https://www.intlairtool.com/impact-wrenches/cleco...

    Air impact wrench users often say the tool has the best power to weight and power to volume ratio making the extra investment in an air compressor, air line, and fittings worthwhile. With regular maintenance Cleco impact wrenches generally last longer than the competition and each wrench has a one or two year warranty. Whatever industry you’re working in, International Air Tool and Industrial Supply can provide you with the tools, parts and components you need to get the job done, and if you’re looking for an impact wrench, we recommend you try the new Cleco brand. Call us for more information at: (800) 608-5210.

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