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Torque Reaction Arms

Torque arms absorb the reaction produced by a pneumatic screwdriver when it reaches its designated torque. Balanced by springs, a spring balancer, or an air cylinder, the torque arm; (and not the operator) supports the weight of the tool. By reducing user fatigue and improving ergonomics; productivity, accuracy, and morale are greatly increased.

When using a torque reaction arm, tool movement and fastener location become virtually effortless. Pivot points utilize high quality ball bearings and the articulating arms themselves are constructed of precision sand cast aluminum which provides rigidity, lightweight, and strength.

The height at which the tool is suspended from the arm can be adjusted by increasing the spring tension; or in the case of an air cylinder, the PSI. Various styles of tool holders can be mounted on the end of the torque arm and allow for the adaptation of a wide variety of pneumatic assembly tools. Finally, torque reaction arms are easily mounted on most work benches by using common fasteners to secure them to the bench surface, typically in a 3 to 5 bolt configuration. 

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