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Ingersoll Rand Self-Feed Twin Drills


Ingersoll Rand Self-Feed Twin Drills are ideal for many close center machining problems. These Self-Feed Pneumatic Twin Drills remarkably reduce machine timing and parts handling while improving quality. The series of definitive tools are available, fitted with adjustable double spindle heads allowing reapplication for when machining requirements change. Ingersoll Rand Self-Feed Twin Drills comprise of drill categories such as Ingersoll Rand Bant-a-Matic Self-feed Twin Drills, Ingersoll Rand Super Par-a-Matic Self-feed Twin Drills, and Ingersoll Rand Par-a-Matic Self-feed Twin Drills. Each Twin Drill is a completely self-contained unit with a built-in cycle, feed rate, and motor controls. They can be operated solely or in confluence with additional tools and machine components. These Air drills are in stock in a broad scope of American and metric collets to satisfy a vast assortment of hole requirements. The dual-acting air piston delivers smooth, supported forward & retract strokes. The needle valve controls enable adjustment of forward and retract strokes. The adjustment screw allows for limitless stroke length settings up to a specified maximum. The softened exhaust also provides a calmer work experience. Ingersoll Rand Self-Feed Drills are broadly acknowledged for its exceptional worth and delivering an outstanding grade assortment of drills.

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