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CS Unitec

CS Unitec provides the widest range of portable magnetic drills, hand-held hydraulic, pneumatic and electric concrete core drills, core bits, air concrete saws, hydraulic, electric and pneumatic band saws, air chain saws, air hack saws, pipe saws, and more! Chisel Scalers are ideal for splitting, chipping, pointing, brick raking and removing accumulated materials and corrosion. Reciprocating Saws are commonly used to cut up sheet metal to get the job done fast. Dry Cutting Circular Saws are reliable, fast, and do not require coolant. Pneumatic power eliminates burn out from stalls. Cut steel, nonferrous metal, plastic, grating, composite and corrugated materials. These pneumatic, electric, hydraulic and safety tools are designed for very demanding applications in construction, petrochemical, mining, marine and other industries. Since 1990, CS Unitec has developed a line of high-quality, professional power tools and non-sparking safety tools. These include the most powerful portable magnetic drills with forward and reverse, slip clutch diamond core drills, portable mixers, metal surface finishing tools, low-vibration needle scalers, subsea power tools, OEM motors and more.