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Dynabrade Grinders and Pferd Grinding Wheels


grey-line.jpgWhy we like DYNABRADE Rebel Series Grinders?

The Rebel 2.8 hp series angle grinders are powerful instruments designed to meet the demands of heavy-duty industrial applications. Grind through heavy welds, quickly remove parting lines, or cut and grind through huge gates with Dynabrade's most powerful right angle grinder the Rebel 2.8 hp series. These are the air tools you can rely on, with 1,000+ hours of operation between suggested maintenance.

Combine with PFERD Ceramic Grinding Wheels to get the job done quickly!

The CERAMIC reinforced grinding wheel stands out for its extreme aggressiveness and long tool life. The tool retains its abrasiveness throughout its full tool life due to the self-sharpening action of the high-performance abrasive ceramic oxide grain in conjunction with a specific bond technology. This results in speedier work progress and, as a result, considerable labor cost reductions as compared to the usage of standard reinforced grinding wheels. Furthermore, it enables tasks to be completed with less effort.grey-line.jpg