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Dotco and Cleco Grinders

Dotco grinders (now considered a brand within the portfolio of Cleco Power Tools) have withstood the test of time as the pneumatic tool industries most respected right angle die grinders. When it comes to finishing applications such as die grinding, weld take down, or de-burring, no tools are better suited for the job than Dotco grinders. Dotco air tools reputation for durability, dependability and versatility is among the highest in the business. This is the result of years of continuous improvement  in: engineering, design, and manufacturing innovation. Dotco grinders are designed with operator safety and usability in mind. They are small, lightweight and comfortable to use, without sacrificing power. Additionally, they incorporate elastomer coatings, and precision machined, balanced parts to keep vibration at a minimum. This optimal combination of tool characteristics allows the operator to focus on doing the best job possible, in the least amount of time.

Cleco grinders meet the demanding requirements of industries requiring heavy stock removal, including: shipbuilding, pipe fabrication, truck and trailer manufacturing, as well as various welding and metal fabrication jobs in steel, aluminium, and even titanium. These types of demanding applications typically require a high material removal rate therefore; Cleco grinders incorporate high horsepower/high RPM motors with integrate speed controllers to govern air flow. To achieve maximum durability, Cleco grinders use top quality precision components combines with steel and/or aluminum motor housings.