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CS Unitec Pneumatic Magnetic Drills


CS Unitec Pneumatic Magnetic Drills are efficient, lightweight and portable air powered drilling machines that are designed for use on any construction site and industrial installations where electric appliances are prohibited for safety reasons. Pneumatic magnetic drills are perfectly suited for space-restricted and hazardous environments such as oil drilling platforms, mining industry, shipbuilding and petrochemical industry. Pneumatic or air drills are a kind of percussive equipment driven on compressed air and could also be classified as a large mechanical drill. Pneumatic magnetic drills are typically used to drill small diameter holes in hard rock, break pavements, and other applications in the mining and construction industry. A pneumatic magnetic drilling machine can also be utilized in a range of applications such as boiler manufacturing, power utilities, welding, offshore pipelines, ship-building, railway, bridge construction, and steel fabrication. CS Pneumatic Magnetic Drills consist of a heavy-duty motor driven pneumatically and strong permanent magnetic bases instead of electromagnetic ones to eliminate the need for an electric power supply. CS Unitec Pneumatic Magnetic Drills are manufactured from premium quality material and advanced techniques, which make them proficient in the highly challenging field. CS Unitec is broadly known for delivering an exceptional quality.

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