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CS Unitec Hydraulic Magnetic Drills


CS Unitec Hydraulic Magnetic Drills are compact, lightweight and portable tools that are designed for rock drilling and rock splitting holes. The key feature of this category of drills is that they can maintain the power needed for many difficult drilling processes without the requirement of having a large compressor. The operators can maneuver the drill into tight spaces and accomplish their drilling goals. Hydraulic drills are powerful tools, harnessing the power of pressurized liquid in order to supply the driving force needed for excavation or other drilling-related activities. The machines have a rotating drill rod with a bit at one end and a rotary hydraulic drive motor at the other end. The drill rod is supported on a carriage adapted for linear travel to advance the rotating bit into the surface. A portable hydraulic magnetic drill machine press is available in various sizes, shapes, designs, electronics, and equipment depending upon the purpose of the machine. The hydraulic magnetic drills are very dynamic and in great demand on worksites around the world. CS Unitec Hydraulic Drills are designed for intensive duty applications, with great high durability and performance. They are ideal for industrial, construction, marine, and mining applications. Thanks to the high power and exclusive ergonomic features, these tools get your productivity at the top, no matter how tough the conditions are.

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