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CS Unitec Hydraulic Magnetic Drills


CS Unitec Hydraulic Magnetic Drills are made especially for underwater usage. These drills are perfect for drilling and tapping structural steel and other major metals. They are one of the most compact, lightweight and portable drills on the market. Hydraulic Magnetic Drills are designed for constant usage and can drill holes up to 2-1/16" to 4" diameter. Its high-density dual-coil magnets are ground rather than cast, and are coiled into two circles to improve the surface area and density of the magnetic field. CS Unitec Hydraulic Drills are designed for intensive duty applications, offer high durability and performance, and are ideal for industrial, construction, marine and mining applications. Thanks to its high power and exclusive ergonomic features, these tools get your productivity at the top, no matter how tough the conditions are.

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