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CS Unitec Impact Wrenches


CS Unitec Tools and Equipment are manufactured using premium quality robust materials and powertrain components. Impact Wrenches from CS Unitec improve the precision of tightening heavy torques in a variety of sectors. CS Unitec Impact Wrenches are ideal for tightening and removing bolts and screws and offer smooth operation and superior durability. The extensive range of Impact Wrenches are compact, powerful, and easy to maintain. Manufactured with the operator's physical and mental well-being in mind, the goal of these CS Unitec Impact Wrenches is to increase productivity levels across all workstations. Manufactured from high-quality materials, and utilizing the most advanced motor and clutch designs, these tools are constructed to hold in the toughest working environments. These Wrenches feature aluminum housing to offer maximum strength and durability and are designed to deliver a high-torque output with minimal exertion by the user. These CS Unitec Impact Wrenches are offered in pneumatic and hydraulic versions and come with the best power to weight ratio and an ergonomic grip which offers superior comfort to the operator. CS Unitec tools are perfect for industrial, mining, assembly, and subsea applications. These CS Unitec models are comfortable to be used in the most difficult and hazardous environments.

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