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Torque Testers and Digital Torque Meters


Sturtevant Richmont Digital Torque Testers

All torque tools require periodic calibration and recalibration to assure the tools remain accurate and to keep ownership cost at a minimum. Sturtevant Richmont invented the first torque analyzers and torque testers. Built for accuracy and durability, right here in the USA.

The Torq-Tronics 2® was created with fail-safe engineering and features a floating decimal point with a 6 digit display, alerts when over capacity and when unit's transducer has been stretched to 120% or more of capacity, and captures over capacity data even if the memory is turned off. Ideal for interim or daily torque testing programs for click style torque wrenches, camover torque tools, clutch style torque screwdrivers, and non-impacting power tools (but not suitable for impact wrenches).

View the Torq-Tronics 2 Manual Here