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Sioux Rivet Shavers


The Sioux Tools Pistol Grip Rivet Shavers are designed to shave rivets flush from the surface of the sheet metal part and to help eliminate the defect in aerodynamics caused by raised rivets. Rivet Shaver Pistol Grip features a non-adjustable and variable speed trigger. These Pneumatic pistol grip rivet shavers are operated and powered by hand, resulting in a one-man operation that boosts productivity. The Sioux Tools Rivet Shavers leaves a clean and solid appearance that closely matches solid or brazier head rivets. Some of the specialities of the Air Pistol Grip Sioux Tools contain depth adjustment (turns on a thread), sliding lock, lock ring ensures sliding lock stays engaged, spindle lock with a recessed button to prevent unintentional use, and visual teeth for easier depth adjustment. The performance of the rivet shavers is also astounding as they feature high power motor to make shaving rivets easy and effortless. The Sioux Pistol Grip Rivet Shaver ergonomic housing features a molded grip and is designed for maximum operator comfort.

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