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Vertical Grinders

Ingersoll Rand Vertical Grinders are designed for heavy duty material removal applications. These tools are typically found in foundries, weld shops, fabrication facilities, shipyards and steel mills. Type 6 & 11 cup wheels remove large amounts of stock and are designed for use in non restricted work spaces. Type 27 & 28 wheels are used for grinding welds, notch and gate removal, beveling pipes and general use in metal fabrication, construction, or plant maintenance.

Helpful Tips: Be sure to use a vertical grinder that has enough horsepower to drive the abrasive wheel you are running and allow the grinder’s speed (RPM) to work to your advantage. Don't use your body-weight to press downward on the grinding wheel. Use only the recommended grinding wheels and adapters, never exceed the RPM rating indicated on the grinding wheel. Inspect wheels before each use for any imperfections, cracks, or broken edges and never run a vertical grinder without its guard. Lastly, choose the correct spindle size for the hole size of your grinding wheels.