Ingersoll Rand Extended Angle Grinders

Ingersoll Rand Pro Series Extended Angle Grinders incorporate a patented motor controller designed to increase productivity while improving operator safety. Adjustable side handles, an ergonomic main handle, and a self-locking throttle all help to reduce operator fatigue. Extended Angle Grinders are designed for material removal in hard to reach places using either carbide burrs, grinding wheels, Type 1 wheels, or Type 27 and 28 depressed center wheels. Extended Angle Grinders are great for removing parting lines, fins, gates and small risers from castings, and also smoothing and blending recently welded areas.

Choose tools with enough horsepower to drive the abrasive wheel you are using, and allow the grinder’s speed to do the work for you. Only use the recommended equipment and adaptors, don't make your own. Inspect grinding wheels closely for wear, damage, cracks or broken edges. Never run the tool without its guards.