Managed Inventory Programs

Ensuring a smooth and steady flow of mission critical supplies is at the forefront of every industrial buyers mind. A well planned supply chain strategy can mean the difference between getting finished product out the door faster, or experiencing profit killing production delays. We realize that every customer has different inventory management requirements, and are here to help you design a flexible program that best suits your needs.

The cornerstone of any of our inventory management programs is customer specific inventory stocked specifically for your organization, not the general public. After all, why would you want to pay the inventory holding costs of merchandise you will never buy? The following are components from which we can build your customized inventory management program. There are no long term contracts, but a service agreement is required for all programs:

Online Purchasing With Net 30 Terms, Just in Time Delivery, and Contract Pricing - The convenience of purchasing online with the peace of mind knowing that we will always have what you need, ready to ship within one business day. Under this program, you tell us what you would like to buy on our storefront, we load it, stock it, and offer you competitive pre-negotiated pricing to avoid any surprises. Pay with a purchase order at checkout and receive free shipping on orders over $299.

In Person Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Bin Fill - Sometimes there is no substitution for human interaction. Under this relationship driven model, we visit your facility weekly to count your inventory and fill your bins with the prior weeks order. Delivery is free of charge and as always, we keep what you need on our shelves so you can reduce your on hand inventory.

Consigned Inventory Dispensed Through Industrial Grade Vending Machines- If better cash flow is on your mind, then don't pay for your consumable supplies until you use them. We have partnered with the best vending machine manufacturers and software developers in the industry to bring you simplified vending solution proven to reduce consumable use by up to 30%. With this program, we stock your vending machines each week and bill you for the prior weeks consumption. A clear usage report is provided with each invoice and you have full visibility into transaction level details as granular as you want to get. Machines provided are either of the locker or coil style and are custom configured according to the size of the items to be dispensed.