Ingersoll Rand Hoist Trolleys


Ingersoll Rand manufactures a wide variety of geared, powered, and plain; push-pull style trolleys for use with Ingersoll Rand hoists. Hoist trolleys are available in either hook or ridgid mount styles.

  • Plain, or push-pull style trolleys move the attached hoist along its I beam by simply pulling the hand chain of the trolley in the desired direction.
  • For heavier loads a geared trolley is often desirable. With a geared trolley the hand chain is connected to a pulley and set of gears which transmits power to the wheels of the trolley, thus moving it along the I beam.
  • Motorized trolleys, use compressed air to drive an air motor and gear box which in turn moves the trolley along its trajectory. Direction is controlled by a pendant control.


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