Silver Series Lever Chain Hoist


3/4 -6 metric ton Line Pull Capacity

The Silver Series features an "Arrow-Notch" free chain system that is simple and reliable. With just one hand you may turn the indicator and operators will enjoy the easiest free chaining. When you try to operate an SLB in free chain mode and the brake instantly engages, holding the load, minimizing the risk of an accident. The Silver Series Hoists have a zinc-nickel-chrome-plated finish meaning they are durable and corrosion resistant.

  • Meets ASME B30.21 SPecifications and HST - 3M Standards
  • Low handle force required
  • One hand operation with the best free chaining available
  • 360 degree handle rotation
  • Premium grade 100 alloy load chain
  • Hardened swivel latch hooks
  • Light weight design for better portability 

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