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Ingersoll Rand High-Thrust 8670 Drills


High-Thrust 8670 Series Self-Feed Drills


5/8" Capacity, Steel 1.25 HP


  • The adjustable hydraulic check provides positive feed rate control for fine adjustment of chip size or breakthrough control.
  • "Deas stop" and "Dwell" controls offer repeatable depth accuracy within .001"
  • Heavy-duty cast iron housing for rigid mounting.
  • Constant tool length, regardless of spindle speed, allows speed change without having to reposition the tool.
  • Both coarse and fine stroke length adjustments allows for quick and accurate setups.
  • The control module is a complete and replaceable unit that can be easily removed without tool disassembly
  • The modular motor and gearing units allow for fast, easy speed changes and servicing.
  • Single exterior lubrication point for entire gear train simplifies preventative maintenance.
  • Muffled exhaust for a more comfortable work environment.
  • Exhaust may be piped away.