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Ingersoll Rand Pneumatic Balancer

Ingersoll Rand Pneumatic Balancers are relied on throughout industry because of their superior productivity, outstanding ergonomics, and overall value.

Pneumatic balancers are available in 5 standard capacities: 50 lb (22 kg), 150 lb (68 kg), 200 lb (90 kg), 350 lb (160 kg), & 500 lb (225 kg). These air balancers can also be reeved and used in tandem to increase load handling capacities.

  • Precision positioning: Allows operators the use of both hands to position a load excatly where it needs to be.
  • Easy adjustment: Unrestricted access to the air flow calibration controls allows for fast adjustment. 
  • 100% duty cycle: Unlike an electric motor, these rugged balancers require no rest during periods of continous use.
  • Low air consumption: Environmentally friendly—consuming approximately 1/8th CFM of air per cycle.
  • Lube free operation: Oil free design makes these units ideal for use industries like food processing.

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