ARO 2" U.L. Fuel Transfer Pump 650719-C

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Product 4: 650719-C

Product Description

It is designed specifically to dispense petroleum based fuel

It meets UL – 79 specification code

This fuel transfer pump can be used with any kind of fuel be it gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, aviation fuel, fuel oil or unleaded fuel

It is ideal for use when the volume of transfer is high or during bulk – unloading or refueling applications

How it works

In the pump a pressure relief valve opens to drains off excess pressure. The relief valve can be plumbed to return the fuel which has been drained off, to the storage container. This is how the pressure relief valves of the pump limit dispensing line pressure to 50 PSI to meet UL – 79 specifications criteria.


Ratio: 1:1

Maximum GPM (LPM): 172 (651)

Displacement per cycle: 1.4 (5.3)

@ 100 psi Gallons (Liters)

Air Inlet (Female): 3/4 - 14 N.P.T.F.-1

Fluid Inlet/Outlet (Female): PX20X-AXX-XXX-B( ) 2 - 11-1/2 N.P.T.F.-1

PX20X-BXX-XXX-B( ) Rp 2 (2 - 11 BSP parallel)

PX20X-FXX-XXX-B( ) 2” A.N.S.I./DIN Flange

Max. operating pressure psi (bar): 120 (8.3)

Suspended solids max. dia. in. (mm): 1/4” (6.4)

Maximum dry suction lift ft (m): 14 (4.2)

Sound Level:

PSI Cycles / Min db(A)

70 50 85.0

One year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.