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Sioux Cut-Off Tools


Sioux Cut-off Tools are tended to be more accurate and better for delicate jobs. These Cut-off Tools are small and single-handed that effectively cut or sharp metal pieces that require more precision or power. Cut-off tools have top-grade cutting accessory mounted at a right angle to the driveshaft, which allows for a smooth operation. With the ability to cut in either direction, your performance and productivity will soar when using these products. They come in corded and cordless variations and can be powered by either electricity or pneumatically, depending on the model. Pneumatic versions will be the most powerful and are very common in automotive shops. They are designed for high-volume industrial production, manufactured from high-quality materials, and utilizing the most advanced motors and clutch designs. These tools are an essential power tool in the building, fabricating industry, and vehicle repair market. They’re fundamental in every factory or workshop where metalwork or other materials are cut and shaped. Equipped with exhaust replacement, you can cut off mufflers and tailpipes quickly, efficiently, and quietly. These tools contain a unique system that prevents accidental throttle operation by utilizing a spring-loaded latch that resets each time the lever is released. The Sioux Cut-Off tools are also built to last, making sure that they will perform reliably whenever you pull the trigger. The ergonomic grip of Cut-off Tools offers increased operator comfort. International Air Tool Company supplies a vast collection of Sioux Tools that presents innovative pneumatic power tools, through the implementation of next-generation ergonomics, productivity enhanced features, value, and accuracy. 

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